Delta is coming very soon and will receive much more updates beyond release thanks to the all-new installation method referred to as the AltServer, likewise produced by Riley Testut, that allows you to effortlessly–almost magically install and upgrade the app over the air.

Delta is a multi-emulator developed by iOS developer Riley Testut. Built and created from the ground for many years, Delta takes advantage of many tools supplied in the iOS SDK to take emulation to the next level. It is a true successor and follow up to one of the very best mobile emulators of perpetuity: GBA4iOS 2.0. Delta is able to imitate whatever GBA4iOS might however likewise added a lot more in regards to features and brand-new ways to play such as assured DS and N64 system support!


  • Wireless Linking support
  • Brand new GBA and GBC skins
  • Updated icon logo
  • Full iPhone & iPad support
  • GB & GBC & GBA Support
  • DS & N64 & NES & SNES Support
  • Software Updates
  • In-App Browsing with Apple Files
  • Dropbox & Google Drive Support
  • Cheat Codes
  • Save States
  • Controller Vibration
  • Hold Button
  • Hardware Keyboard Support
  • Event Distribution
  • 3D Touch Support
  • AirPlay Support
  • Custom Controller Skins
  • URL Schemes Support
  • Fast Forward
  • And more!