In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are struggling to keep up. Manual and repetitive tasks are eating into productivity and profitability. According to a recent survey, over 90% of workers say these mundane activities are wasting time that could be better spent on high-impact work. This inefficient use of resources is hurting companies’ bottom lines.

It’s clear that continuing with the status quo is no longer an option. To stay competitive and maximize growth in today’s marketplace, businesses need to find ways to eliminate repetitive manual work. The solution is intelligent automation – leveraging technology to automate routine tasks and processes. Overview is the leading automation platform that allows you to seamlessly connect apps, build workflows, and scale your business with ease. As an intuitive low-code solution, provides all the tools you need to boost productivity across sales, marketing, operations, and beyond.

With, you can eliminate manual processes, streamline repetitive tasks, and free up your team to focus on high-impact work. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it simple for anyone to automate complex multi-step workflows without coding. And with thousands of app integrations, allows you to connect all your essential business platforms into one centralized automation hub.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your sales pipeline, scale marketing efforts, or improve company-wide efficiency, provides the robust automation capabilities to drive your business growth. Transform the way you work and take your productivity to new heights with the automation platform.

1. Connect Apps and Services allows you to seamlessly integrate all the tools and platforms you use to run your business. From CRMs and marketing automation to project management and invoicing, supports thousands of app connections.

This means you can automate workflows across your entire tech stack, breaking down data silos and ensuring a smooth, efficient transfer of information. With’s library of 1500+ integrations, you can connect apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Slack, and more.

Connecting apps is easy with Simply search for the app you want to connect, authorize to access it, and build your automations using that data. Some apps may require logging in and granting permission, but handles the heavy lifting to build those connections.

With seamless app integrations, gives you the power to automate complex processes across your entire business tech stack. Break free of data silos and manual work by leveraging’s robust connectivity.

2. Build Automations with No Code

With’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, anyone can create complex automations without writing a single line of code. Simply map out the steps in your process, set your triggers and actions, and let Make handle the rest. You can build multi-step workflows in minutes, not days, and watch as your processes run seamlessly in the background, saving you time and resources.

As explains in their blog post on no-code automation, “The no-code visual automation builder in Make helps 500,000+ users visualize how their automations play out as they drag and drop app modules to connect workflows across business apps.” (

With a user-friendly drag and drop interface requiring no coding knowledge, provides a powerful and accessible automation solution for any business. Automating workflows is as simple as mapping out your process and setting triggers. handles the technical side, while you boost productivity.

3. Automate Lead Generation and Sales is a lead generation and sales automation powerhouse. You can automatically add new leads from web forms to your CRM, assign them to sales reps, and trigger personalized email sequences. According to Hubspot, 60% of sales professionals say that AI/automation tools are important to their overall sales strategy. With, you can seamlessly integrate your CRM, marketing automation, and other sales tools to create a streamlined lead-to-customer journey.

For example, you can set up automations to automatically nurture new leads with targeted content campaigns, alert sales reps when a hot lead comes in, and notify your team when a deal moves to a new stage in the pipeline. can also help you optimize your sales processes by standardizing workflows, tracking KPIs, and recommending next steps based on data and signals. The result is a fully optimized sales funnel that converts leads into customers efficiently. According to research from Oracle, 44% of companies that implement marketing automation expect to see benefits within 6 months. So don’t wait – leverage to supercharge your sales today!

4. Streamline Marketing

With, you can automate every aspect of your marketing to maximize efficiency. This includes streamlining social media, campaign management, and brand monitoring.

For social media, allows you to schedule and publish posts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also automate engaging with followers by liking posts and responding to mentions. This saves the manual effort of logging into each social platform individually. As noted by Zapier, top marketing automation platforms like excel at “saving time on social media marketing” ( also makes it easy to manage your campaigns from start to finish. You can automatically trigger emails when a person hits a certain point in your sales funnel, schedule social media posts to promote your campaign, and track performance across marketing channels – all without manual work. This results in well-orchestrated campaigns that convert leads into customers.

In addition, enables you to monitor brand mentions across the web. You can set up alerts for your brand name, product names, keywords, etc. and automatically be notified when they are mentioned online. can also automatically generate reports summarizing brand sentiment, allowing you to identify positive and negative trends.

With these marketing automation capabilities, gives you the leverage to scale your marketing efforts exponentially without needing to grow your team. Marketing and social media management is streamlined into a simple, automated workflow.

5. Boost Team Productivity isn’t just for sales and marketing. It can help every team work more efficiently by automating manual tasks and data entry.

HR can automate onboarding flows, accounting can sync invoices and payments across apps, and customer service can manage support tickets. With Make, you empower your whole team to focus on high-impact work, fostering a culture of productivity and innovation.

According to Microsoft, business process automation can lead to improved efficiency and productivity by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. This allows teams across the organization to devote more time to strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

By leveraging to automate workflows, document management, and data entry, departments like HR, accounting, and customer service can operate more efficiently. Team members are relieved of mundane tasks and can focus on high-value responsibilities that make the most of their expertise.

Ultimately, automating key processes boosts productivity for individuals and departments. It also promotes a culture of innovation as teams are empowered to think more strategically about their work.

Automation Revolution

We are living in the age of the automation revolution. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, businesses that want to stay competitive and maximize efficiency simply cannot ignore automation anymore. It has become a necessity. According to The Automation Revolution, automation has the power to completely transform economic sectors. The time and cost savings from implementing automation are invaluable. Processes that once took hours or days of manual work can now be completed with the click of a button. Tedious data entry tasks can be eliminated. Marketing and sales workflows that were once disjointed can now operate seamlessly. The automation revolution means removing friction and barriers in your workflows to unlock new levels of speed and productivity.

Transform Your Work

Automation allows you to transform the way you work by eliminating tedious, repetitive busywork. According to Harvard Business Review, automation enables employees to focus on more strategic, high-value tasks instead of manual data entry or administrative work. This leads to greater efficiency, allowing you to get more done in less time.

With, you can build workflows that automatically handle mundane tasks like data transfers between systems, social media scheduling, email sequences, and more. Your team is freed up to do the work only humans can do – critical thinking, creativity, building relationships, and analysis.

By taking care of repetitive chores, automation gives your employees time back in their day and mental energy. This drives productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction. According to Britannica, automation also improves consistency and accuracy by removing human error from repetitive tasks.

In short, embracing automation transforms not just what you do, but how you do it – unlocking new potential in your team.

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Now is the time to join the revolution and transform your business. With’s intuitive platform, you can easily automate workflows across your entire tech stack, boosting productivity and streamlining operations.

Getting started is easy. Simply create your free account in minutes. You’ll have access to’s library of pre-built templates and integrations with thousands of popular apps and services like Basecamp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more (see supported Basecamp integrations). makes it simple for anyone to build powerful automations without coding. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows you to visually map your workflows and set triggers and actions. You’ll be automating complex processes in no time!

Don’t wait – sign up today and unlock the potential of workflow automation. Streamline repetitive tasks, free up your team, and take your business productivity to the next level with

Work Smarter with Automation

The key benefit of automation is that it allows you to work smarter, not harder. With, you can set up workflows and processes to run automatically in the background, eliminating tedious manual tasks. This frees up your time to focus on high-impact work that requires strategic thinking and human expertise. As this article explains, automation helps you “work smarter, not harder” by streamlining operations. You’ll reduce administrative headaches so you can devote energy to core business priorities.

Automation platforms like give you leverage to scale your efforts. Just like how machines multiplied human productivity during the industrial revolution, multiplies what you can accomplish. You can get more done with less effort. This creates capacity to take on new initiatives and opportunities. With, a small team can achieve the productivity and efficiency of a much larger team. That’s the power of working smarter through automation.

Grow Faster

Increased efficiency means faster growth. By streamlining workflows and eliminating repetitive manual tasks, automation allows your business to scale rapidly without additional overhead. According to McKinsey, intelligent automation can drive cost savings of 20-40% and boost productivity by up to 30% [1]. This gives you a significant competitive advantage.

With, you can quickly build the automations needed to support growth. As your customer base expands, Make’s scalable platform can easily handle increased workloads. Automations ensure your workflows continue running smoothly, even during periods of explosive growth. This allows you to focus on strategy and innovation rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations.

In short, embracing automation is one of the best ways to rapidly grow your business. gives you the tools to work smarter, not harder as you scale new heights. Let automation accelerate your growth journey.

Make Your Business Unstoppable

One of the biggest benefits of automation is increased business agility and scalability. With, you can quickly adapt to changing conditions and scale up without adding more staff. Automation streamlines processes so your business can pivot rapidly when needed. According to Logic20/20, intelligent automation improves agility by removing friction from workflows. This allows you to shift directions and reallocate resources faster. Automation also provides the leverage to scale your operations smoothly. As your business grows, lets you handle increased volume without slowdowns. Process automation enables easy scaling, as highlighted by ProcessMaker. Overall, automation delivers the flexibility and capacity to make your business truly unstoppable.

Endless Possibilities

With, the automation use cases are virtually endless. From basic data transfers and lead routing to complex multi-step processes, can automate workflows across every department and function.

Common use cases include:

Whether you’re in IT, marketing, sales, finance, HR or any other function, likely has a use case that can save you time, boost productivity, and help you work smarter.

Invaluable Time Savings

One of the biggest benefits of automation is the incredible time savings it provides. According to management consulting company Gartner, robotic process automation can save finance teams as many as 25,000 hours of redoing work. Automation eliminates repetitive manual processes so your team can focus on high-value strategic tasks.

Research by Formstack found that 60% of employees could save 30% of their time with workflow automation. This allows your staff to be more productive and efficient. Automation also streamlines processes like order processing. AI adoption can reduce order processing time by 10-15% according to McKinsey.

In summary, by leveraging automation you gain back countless hours previously lost to mundane tasks. Your team is empowered to deliver more value in less time. The time savings unlocked are invaluable, allowing your business to operate at peak productivity.

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