In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations are increasingly turning to automation to drive enhanced efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage. As automation continues its explosive growth, so too does the demand for professionals with specialized expertise in leveraging these transformative technologies. Becoming a certified consultant in, a pioneering no-code automation platform, represents an unparalleled opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in this high-value domain and unlock exhilarating new career prospects. enables companies to optimize workflows, seamlessly integrate applications, and boost output through sophisticated automation capabilities. By attaining your certification, you can gain sought-after skills to construct powerful automations and solve even the most complex business challenges. This opens the door to lucrative job opportunities, elevated status, and the flexibility to flourish as an independent consultant.

The journey to mastery promises professional fulfillment, industry recognition, and profound career development. Now is the time to gain a foothold in the automation vanguard and realize your full potential.

Benefit 1: Develop In-Depth Expertise

The consultant certification program offers an all-encompassing training curriculum that meticulously covers the platform’s extensive features, capabilities, and established best practices. You’ll acquire sophisticated techniques for constructing robust automation workflows and effectively integrating diverse systems. This profound knowledge base equips you to confidently address and resolve even the most complex automation challenges, making you an invaluable asset to any organization.

The training covers everything from building your first basic automation scenarios to advanced techniques like managing complex logic, data manipulation, and API integration. According to the training website, the curriculum includes “21 lessons and over 3.5 hours of video content” focused on real-world applications and best practices ( With such comprehensive training, you’ll gain expertise across the full spectrum of the platform.

By the end of the program, certified consultants have complete mastery over and can tackle intricate automation challenges with ease. Your in-depth knowledge will enable you to optimize workflows, seamlessly connect systems, and boost productivity for any business.

Benefit 2: Gain a Competitive Edge

Sporting a consultant certification on your professional resume will unequivocally set you apart from the multitude of automation experts. This certification not only validates your advanced skills but also underscores your steadfast commitment to professional excellence. Such a credential can provide you with a significant advantage when exploring new job prospects or engaging in freelance projects, elevating your desirability to potential employers and clients.

As noted in an article on, “Gain a Competitive Edge with a SHRM Certification,” certifications can “Demonstrate targeted competence and enhance credibility among peers and employers.”

Furthermore, according to Cognidox, “Will ISO certification give you a competitive edge?”, certifications like ISO “is often seen as a burden by some SMEs. But what kind of competitive edge can ISO offer for a growing and ambitious company?” This shows that certifications can provide a clear advantage for professionals looking to stand out.

In short, achieving consultant certification will give you a significant competitive edge when job seeking or taking on new projects.

Benefit 3: Exclusive Resources

As a certified consultant, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources that will enrich your expertise and keep you on the cutting edge of automation technology. These invaluable assets include:

Private Community Forum – You’ll be welcomed into a private community platform where you can connect and collaborate with fellow certified consultants. This is an excellent environment to exchange insights, troubleshoot issues, and potentially discover new business opportunities.

Ongoing Training Webinars – offers a continuous series of webinars designed specifically for certified consultants. These interactive sessions allow you to refine advanced techniques and stay up-to-date on the latest platform innovations.

Early Access to New Features – As a certified consultant, you’ll gain privileged early access to new platform features before they are released to the general public. This allows you to experiment with cutting-edge capabilities and integrate them into workflows for clients.

Having this elite access to a thriving community, timely training, and new features ensures you are always expanding the boundaries of your mastery.

Benefit 4: Earning Potential

Achieving consultant certification puts you in an enviable position in the job market. The demand for automation experts continues to accelerate, with businesses increasingly recognizing the tremendous value of optimizing workflows and integrating systems. According to Glassdoor, the average total pay for a consultant ranges from $97K to $162K per year. This includes attractive base salaries along with additional incentive pay.

As a certified consultant, you’ll have the skills and credentials to command premium rates for your services. Whether seeking a full-time position or pursuing freelance projects, you’ll be empowered to negotiate higher compensation. Your specialized expertise allows you to provide immense value that many companies desperately need. As noted in a Glassdoor report, the average salary for a Premium Service Consultant role is over $81,000 annually in the US.

Furthermore, you can leverage your mastery to establish your own thriving consulting business. With demand outpacing supply for top automation talent, you’ll be poised to win new clients and grow a highly profitable enterprise. The potential earnings through an independent consulting practice are almost limitless.

In summary, obtaining certification enables you to maximize your earning power in this high-growth field. You’ll be able to secure a lucrative salary position or charge premium rates as a consultant. The financial upside is incredibly enticing.

Benefit 5: Thriving Community

When you achieve the status of a certified consultant, you become an integral part of a vibrant, global community of automation professionals. This network allows you to collaborate with fellow consultants, exchange valuable insights, and potentially discover new business opportunities. For example, the Community Forum provides a platform to engage in discussions, ask questions, and share knowledge with other experts in the field (

The community acts as a supportive and inspiring pillar that will bolster your professional journey for years to come. Connecting with other consultants creates opportunities to learn from their experiences, get advice on challenging projects, and stay up-to-date on the latest features and best practices. According to’s website, partners gain access to a private Slack community to easily collaborate and communicate with other experts (

Overall, the consultant community allows you to continuously improve your skills while establishing relationships that can lead to career advancement and new client engagements. This network of professionals will be an invaluable asset throughout your journey as an automation expert.


Obtaining the consultant certification unlocks immense potential in your automation career. This prestigious credential serves as a springboard, propelling you to new heights of expertise, employability, and earnings. By dedicating yourself to mastering the intricacies of the platform, you open the door to joining an elite community of professionals at the forefront of business optimization. Whether you aim to impress employers, secure lucrative projects, establish an independent consultancy, or simply grow your skills, this certification provides a clear pathway to success.

The training curriculum delivers the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on techniques needed to thrive as an automation expert. Paired with exclusive community resources only accessible to certified consultants, you will remain at the cutting edge of the field. Become recognized as an authority that organizations turn to for solving their most complex workflow challenges.

Do not let this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and dramatically amplify your career potential go unclaimed. Through the certification program, you can unlock the door to new possibilities. Graduate with an in-demand credential that broadcasts your expertise and sets you apart from the crowd. The automation expertise you cultivate will enable you to command higher earnings and make meaningful contributions to business innovation. Commence your certification journey today and realize your full potential as a leader in the future of work optimization.

FAQ 1 – What is the cost for consultant certification?

Obtaining consultant certification does require an investment of time and money. However, the costs are quite reasonable given the immense value of the skills and knowledge you will gain.

The core training program currently costs $499 USD. This provides you access to the comprehensive online curriculum along with practice exams to prep for the certification test. There are also in-person training workshops available in select cities for $699 USD.

After completing your training, you can schedule the consultant certification exam. This costs an additional $199 USD. So the total cost would be $698 for self-paced online learning or $898 for online learning plus in-person workshops and the exam.

Compared to many other IT certifications,’s program is competitively priced. And the career benefits you’ll unlock by becoming a certified consultant make it an extremely worthwhile investment for serious automation professionals. does offer scholarships periodically for those who cannot afford the fees. It’s also possible to find promotional discounts by signing up for’s newsletter or checking around major training events. So cost should not be a barrier for anyone committed to advancing their automation mastery.

How Much Time Does it Take to Become Certified?

The time commitment required to earn your consultant certification varies depending on your existing skill level. However, most learners are able to complete the program within 2-4 weeks if dedicating 10-15 hours per week of focused study and hands-on practice.

The Make Basics course, which provides fundamental training on building workflows, takes approximately 3 hours to finish according to Make’s Academy estimates. More advanced courses like Integrations Basics and Advanced Workflows require 5-8 hours each. Additionally, learners should allocate time to take the certification exams and complete any required projects.

While the program is self-paced, staying consistent with your learning goals will help you fully absorb the materials and avoid falling behind. Those with prior experience in automation and integration may progress more rapidly. Make’s Academy provides all the materials and support you need to work towards certification at your own pace.

What are the prerequisites to become a certified consultant?

There are a few key prerequisites you must fulfill before embarking on the journey to become a certified consultant:

1. Fundamental automation knowledge – You’ll need foundational knowledge of automation concepts, workflows, and integrations before diving into mastering specifically. Some prior experience using automation platforms is recommended.

2. Analytical and problem-solving skills – As a consultant, you’ll need sharp analytical abilities and adept problem-solving skills to address complex automation challenges. An aptitude for critical thinking is a must.

3. Self-motivation – The certification program requires dedication and self-discipline. You must be driven to thoroughly learn’s features and best practices through independent study.

4. Communication and presentation abilities – Effectively communicating with clients and colleagues is paramount. You’ll need to be able to clearly convey solutions and key concepts.

5. Commitment to continuous learning – Due to frequent software updates, you must be eager to continually expand your knowledge. Lifelong learning is a core component of this role.

While no specific educational background is mandatory, possessing a strong grasp of key technological concepts and business workflows will be beneficial. With the right foundational skills and a determined, self-starting attitude, you’ll be well equipped to thrive in your certification journey.

FAQ 4: What does the certification exam entail?

The consultant certification exam is designed to rigorously test your expertise across the platform’s entire range of capabilities. The exam consists of both multiple choice questions and interactive challenges that assess your hands-on skills.

You can expect questions covering topics such as constructing workflows, integrating APIs, debugging issues, utilizing variables, managing permissions, and more. The interactive portion requires you to actively demonstrate proficiency in building real-world automations and applying best practices. recommends completing all training courses and accumulating at least 6 months of hands-on experience before attempting the certification exam. The exam has a time limit of 3 hours and costs $200 to take the first time. Retakes are $100 if needed.

While challenging, the exam is achievable with diligent preparation. provides a range of practice tests and study guides to help you get ready. With dedication to honing your skills, you can pass the exam and earn your consultant certification.

What are the ongoing requirements to maintain my certification?

To remain an active, certified consultant, you must fulfill certain requirements on an ongoing basis. This ensures you are continually developing your expertise and providing clients with the highest caliber of service.

Some of the key requirements include:

  • Completing at least 10 hours per year of continuing education through’s online courses and webinars. This allows you to stay updated on the latest features and best practices.
  • Maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars. This verifies you are reliably delivering exceptional service.
  • Renewing your certification annually through a recertification exam. This confirms you have retained your skills and proficiency.
  • Actively using regularly. Hands-on experience is critical for mastery.
  • Contributing thought leadership content to the community forum. This demonstrates your ongoing subject matter expertise.

Meeting these requirements on an annual basis allows to uphold certification standards and ensures clients can depend on your expertise. With a commitment to continuous learning and skill refinement, retaining your certification status is readily achievable.

Take the First Step and Get Certified Today

If you’re inspired to advance your automation career by becoming a certified consultant, it’s time to take action. The journey begins by registering for the certification exam on their website. Be sure to thoroughly review the training materials and curriculum outline to ensure you’re fully prepared for the exam. Many successful consultants recommend allowing 2-3 months for studying and practice before attempting the exam.

Once you’ve passed the exam and achieved your certification, you’ll gain instant access to the consultant community and resources. This is an opportune time to update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolios to showcase your new credentials. You can also begin actively networking with other consultants to exchange insights and explore potential job opportunities. With your prestigious certification in hand, you’ll be ready to start consulting on implementations and unlock the immense career rewards of being an automation expert.

If you have any questions about the certification process or want guidance to help you prepare, feel free to contact me. As an experienced consultant, I’m always happy to help aspiring professionals follow in my footsteps down this rewarding career path.


For those eager to continue their automation education and work towards becoming a certified consultant, here are some valuable resources:

These resources are a great starting point for expanding your knowledge. Reach out if you need any guidance on the path to certification!

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Justin Adamski is a certified consultant with over 5 years of experience in business process automation and systems integration. He is passionate about helping companies streamline workflows and maximize productivity through intelligent automation. Justin has extensive expertise across the platform and holds advanced certifications in automation development and administration.

In his consulting practice, Justin partners with organizations across industries to assess their needs, architect optimized solutions, and deliver customized automations that drive tangible business impact. His analytical abilities, creative problem-solving skills, and commitment to excellence have made him a trusted advisor for enterprise clients as well as small businesses and startups.

When he’s not immersed in the world of automation, Justin enjoys staying active outdoors, reading nonfiction books, and spending time with family. He is based in Austin, Texas but works with clients across the United States and worldwide.

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