The AppStore for You.

We strive for truth, freedom, and security.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to learn what is most important about the differing facets of the Alternative AppStore world.We do this with the AI drafting model, human drafting, and community verification.

Currently this section of the suite is considered a historical discovery "hub" if you will.It is broken down further into the 3 major aspects of this market: AppStores, Apps, and Distribution Methods.

As time moves further, more data will be saved, more insights can be made. Including detailed tweak and dynamic library reverse engineering as apart of the review system.

We can ensure to try our hardest to make it aware we are here to provide information and help the people who need it.That means there may be reference or mention of a fact of what something may do, but it is merely an description and organization of information, not an endorsement.

Or sit back and let your new personal application assistant deal with all of that. You've got apps to download, games to play, and projects to install, you don't have the time to even waste on reading so much.
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For those who want to take their Apple devices beyond the cutting edge, without sacrificing security or privacy.

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