In today’s fast-paced business world, finding ways to maximize productivity and streamline workflows is essential for success. According to a Zapier report, 38% of knowledge workers say automation has made them more productive. Automation tools like Zapier allow you to seamlessly connect apps, eliminating tedious manual work.

This article will overview 10 must-have Zapier integrations that can skyrocket your productivity. By setting up automated workflows between your favorite apps, you’ll save time on repetitive tasks like data entry and organization. Instead, you can focus on higher-value work that moves your business forward.

Read on to discover integrations that will revolutionize your workflow. We’ll cover popular app combinations for project management, marketing, file sharing, and more. With the power of Zapier, you can embrace the automation revolution and work smarter, not harder.

Gmail to Trello: Capture Tasks Effortlessly

This powerful integration eliminates manual data entry by automatically creating Trello cards from Gmail messages. Simply connect your Gmail and Trello accounts in Zapier, choose a Trello board, and set your preferences. Now, whenever you receive or send an important email, Zapier will instantly add a card to your designated Trello board with the email details like subject, sender, and body excerpt. You can even customize which emails generate cards based on keywords or sender.

According to Trello’s website, “With the Gmail Power-Up, you can easily create cards from emails and quickly find links back to the original messages.” This seamless connection between your inbox and task manager boosts productivity by capturing action items the moment they arrive. No more scribbling notes or stressing about follow-ups slipping through the cracks. Just let automation do the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting things done.

As one happy user shared on Trello’s website, “I send A LOT of emails every day that require follow up. With this integration, I’m able to keep my email workflow seamless with my task management.” Who doesn’t want that? With Gmail to Trello, busy professionals everywhere can transform their inboxes into efficient productivity engines.

Automate Data Transfer from Google Forms to Google Sheets

One of the most powerful Zapier integrations is connecting Google Forms to Google Sheets. This automation eliminates the need for manual data transfer between the two platforms, saving you time and reducing errors.

With this integration, whenever someone fills out a Google Form, Zapier will automatically send that data into a Google Sheet of your choosing. This keeps your spreadsheet continuously up-to-date with the latest form responses.

According to Google, importing Forms data into Sheets enables you to easily analyze and summarize the information, create charts and graphs, and share insights with stakeholders.

As noted by Google Cloud Community, this integration helps boost productivity by eliminating manual data entry and keeping your Sheets data accurate and up-to-date.

With this automation in place, you can focus your efforts on deriving insights from your Forms responses rather than manually transferring data.

Slack to Google Calendar

Keep your team in sync without the hassle of scheduling meetings manually. When a new event is created in a designated Slack channel, Zapier can automatically add it to your Google Calendar. This integration ensures that everyone is on the same page and reduces the chances of double-booking or missed appointments, making team coordination a breeze and enhancing overall communication.

According to Slack’s help article, connecting Google Calendar to Slack helps you and your team stay organized and up to date with notifications, event reminders, and more. The Google Calendar app for Slack allows you to sync your status with your calendar, view daily summaries of calendar events, respond to invites, and get reminders about upcoming meetings.

As this Slack blog notes, the integration between Slack and Google Calendar brings more productivity by keeping your schedule top of mind without leaving Slack. With Zapier automating the process of adding Slack events to Google Calendar, you eliminate manual data entry and ensure your calendar is always up-to-date.

Automating event scheduling from Slack to Google Calendar with Zapier keeps your team coordinated, reduces double-booking, and enhances productivity.

Typeform to Mailchimp

Grow your email list on autopilot with this powerful integration. When someone fills out your Typeform survey or questionnaire, Zapier can automatically add their email address to a designated Mailchimp list. This seamless connection allows you to capture leads and nurture relationships without lifting a finger, streamlining your marketing efforts and boosting your outreach potential.

As Mailchimp highlights, integrating Typeform surveys and questionnaires with Mailchimp email marketing enables small businesses to “find your audience, engage your customers, and drive sales” (Source). By automatically sending new leads and customer data from Typeform to designated Mailchimp lists, you can grow your audience and nurture new relationships without any manual effort.

The Typeform-Mailchimp integration ensures that as soon as someone fills out your Typeform, their contact information is seamlessly transferred to your email list in Mailchimp. This allows you to immediately begin engaging each new lead with tailored, automated email campaigns designed to convert them into customers. No more losing leads or delayed follow-up.

As Typeform explains, this integration helps “Grow your Mailchimp audience with Typeform” by streamlining the lead capture process (Source). Your email marketing and outreach scale exponentially when lead collection and data transfer is entirely automated.

Dropbox to Evernote

Organize your files and notes like a pro with this integration. When a new file is added to a specific Dropbox folder, Zapier can create a new note in Evernote with a link to the file. This centralized system makes it easy to find and access your important documents, no matter where you are, ensuring that your information is always at your fingertips and your ideas are never lost.

By connecting Dropbox and Evernote with Zapier, you can automatically create a new Evernote note every time a file is added to a chosen Dropbox folder. This allows you to seamlessly centralize all your files and notes in one place for improved organization and access.

As soon as the file hits your Dropbox, Zapier immediately creates a note in Evernote and inserts a link to that new file. This automates the process of manually creating notes and uploading files, saving you time while keeping everything neatly together in Evernote.

With this powerful integration, you never have to worry about losing track of important files again. Your Dropbox files and Evernote notes stay in sync, so you always have the information you need at your fingertips. You can find, view and share files fast no matter where you are. It’s the ultimate system to streamline organization and boost productivity.

As discussed in this Evernote forums post, integrating Dropbox and Evernote provides centralized access to all files and notes in one place:

Calendly to Google Calendar

This integration between Calendly and Google Calendar is a game-changer for automating your appointment scheduling and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth emails to coordinate meetings.

With just a few clicks, you can connect your Calendly and Google Calendar accounts. Once integrated, any appointments booked through your Calendly calendar will automatically sync to your Google Calendar in real-time (source). This removes the need for manual data entry and ensures all your appointments are visible in one centralized calendar.

The benefits of connecting Calendly and Google Calendar include:

  • Automated appointment scheduling – Bookings happen seamlessly without email coordination
  • Reduced back and forth – No need to manually confirm every appointment via email
  • Streamlined booking process – Customers can self-schedule at their convenience
  • Syncing in real-time – Appointments show up instantly in Google Calendar
  • Centralized calendar – All bookings visible in one place for better tracking

This integration saves time and headaches. By automating the scheduling process with Calendly and Google Calendar, you remove frictions and ensure appointments are captured instantly without the risk of double-booking (source). Your calendar will always be up-to-date, keeping you organized and boosting productivity.

Asana to Slack

Integrating Asana with Slack provides seamless project management by posting task updates directly to your team’s Slack channels.

With this integration, any changes made in Asana like adding tasks, changing due dates, marking items complete, etc. can automatically generate notifications in Slack to keep everyone aligned.

According to Asana’s integration page, key benefits include:

  • Automate task updates posted to Slack – No need for team members to toggle between apps, updates come right to Slack.
  • Increase team visibility – The whole team sees changes happening in real-time.
  • Enhance project management – Integrated notifications mean nothing slips through the cracks.

As Slack notes, this integration creates “a single source of truth for work” so conversations stay productive. Teams can seamlessly turn Slack messages into Asana tasks without missing a beat.

For companies that rely on Asana and Slack, connecting the two with Zapier keeps everyone looped in and improves workflow coordination.

Instagram to Buffer

One of the most powerful Zapier integrations is connecting Instagram to Buffer to automate your social media scheduling and boost engagement. With just a few clicks, you can build a Zap that automatically shares your Instagram posts to Buffer to be scheduled out across all of your connected social accounts.

This integration saves you tons of time by eliminating the need to manually repost Instagram content across platforms. As soon as you publish a new Instagram post or story, Zapier will grab it and add it to your Buffer queue to be shared. You can even customize the Zap to add your own personalized captions or hashtags for each network.

According to Buffer’s own analysis, adding Instagram to your social cross-posting strategy can increase engagement by 150%. By getting your content in front of larger and more diverse audiences across multiple networks, you organically expand your reach.

Plus, Buffer’s advanced analytics provide insights into which posts resonate best on each platform. This helps you refine your content approach over time to maximize the impact of each post.

The bottom line is that connecting Instagram to Buffer through Zapier supercharges your social media game by automating scheduling so you can focus on creating great content.

GitHub to Slack

This powerful integration enhances team collaboration and boosts developer productivity by seamlessly connecting GitHub and Slack. With GitHub updates flowing directly into designated Slack channels, developers stay up-to-date on code changes without context switching.

Key benefits include:

  • Automate GitHub updates in Slack – Get real-time notifications in Slack when someone pushes code, opens a pull request, creates an issue, and more.
  • Increase developer productivity – Stay in the loop without leaving Slack. No need to constantly switch between apps.
  • Enhance team collaboration – Improve coordination and visibility. Everyone has the full picture.

According to Slack, pairing with GitHub creates “your ultimate productivity pair” ( This seamless integration saves developers time and effort while improving teamwork and communication.

Salesforce to Gmail

This powerful integration enables you to seamlessly connect your Salesforce and Gmail accounts to boost sales productivity and streamline your workflow. With just a few clicks, you can set up automation rules to sync data between the platforms and eliminate tedious manual processes.

One major benefit is the ability to automatically log emails from Gmail into Salesforce for robust CRM tracking. As your sales reps communicate with leads and customers, the details of those emails and attachments can be added directly to relevant contact records in Salesforce with just the click of a button ( This creates a complete history of all sales interactions that is accessible to the entire team.

You can also leverage the integration to auto-populate email templates with customized merge fields from Salesforce. This allows you to easily personalize and scale your outreach campaigns. For example, you can send targeted follow-up emails to leads or customers based on certain criteria or actions in Salesforce, like when a deal reaches a specific stage (

Overall, connecting your CRM and email improves sales productivity by eliminating manual data entry and enabling you to focus on high-value selling activities. With the Salesforce and Gmail integration, you can work smarter, not harder.

Wufoo to Mailchimp

This powerful integration allows you to automatically grow your email lists and nurture leads with minimal effort. By connecting Wufoo form submissions to Mailchimp, you can capture more leads without manual data entry or follow-up.1

When someone fills out a Wufoo form, their email address will automatically be added to a designated Mailchimp list. This eliminates repetitive tasks and ensures every lead is followed up in a timely manner.2

Mailchimp’s automation tools like drip campaigns and segmentation allow you to engage each lead based on their interests. This personalized outreach converts more leads into customers.3

By connecting Wufoo and Mailchimp, you can grow your email lists on autopilot. The integration streamlines list building, lead capture, and follow-up communication, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content and campaigns.

Zendesk to Slack

This powerful integration between Zendesk and Slack can revolutionize customer support operations by seamlessly bringing ticket updates into team Slack channels for improved visibility. By setting up automated notifications from Zendesk into Slack, agents can get real-time updates on new tickets, status changes, and incoming messages without having to switch between platforms.

Some key benefits of connecting Zendesk and Slack include:

  • Automate ticket updates in Slack – Set up rules and workflows in Zendesk so that any ticket changes post notifications directly in relevant Slack channels. This keeps the team informed without manual alerts.
  • Improve customer support – With the Zendesk-Slack integration, agents have the full context of support tickets at their fingertips within Slack. This enables faster response times and more personalized service.
  • Increase team visibility – By centralizing Zendesk notifications in public Slack channels, managers have clear visibility into ticket loads and performance. This helps optimize workloads.

According to Zendesk, over 2,800 customers have installed the Slack integration to enhance collaboration and visibility across customer service teams. Companies like highlight how this integration enables seamless team collaboration, resulting in a more positive overall customer experience.


Zapier integrations provide immense value by seamlessly connecting your apps and automating repetitive tasks. The key benefits include:

  • Streamlined workflows that boost productivity
  • Automatic data transfer between apps eliminating manual work
  • Enhanced team communication and coordination
  • Effortless lead generation and list growth
  • Centralized organization of files, notes, and tasks

The integrations covered here are just a sample of what’s possible. We encourage you to explore more apps and identify where Zapier can save you time through automation. The potential to optimize your productivity is endless.

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