In today’s fast-paced business environment, finding ways to maximize productivity and efficiency is essential for success. However, many professionals and businesses still rely on slow, manual workflows and repetitive tasks that eat up precious time. According to research, employees spend at least 1.8 hours every day on manual, repetitive tasks that could be automated (source). Just imagine how much more could be accomplished if those hours were freed up for strategic, high-impact work.

The good news is that workflow automation technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. Platforms like and Zapier make it possible to seamlessly connect apps, integrate data, and set up automated workflows with no-code solutions. By leveraging these tools, companies have seen dramatic increases in productivity. One study found that implementing workflow automation led to a 65% reduction in processing times (source).

In this guide, we’ll explore how integrating and Zapier can supercharge your productivity by eliminating manual processes. You’ll learn how to expand automation capabilities, create sophisticated workflows across platforms, and integrate thousands of apps. Let’s dive in and revolutionize the way you work!

Expand Your Automation Possibilities

One of the biggest benefits of integrating Make and Zapier is the dramatic expansion in apps and integrations at your fingertips. Make boasts over 1500 integrations with tools like Slack, Stripe, Twitter, Dropbox, and more. Meanwhile, Zapier connects with over 3000 apps. By harnessing both platforms together, you gain access to over 4000 unique integrations! This opens up endless possibilities for connecting and automating workflows across a vast range of apps.

With so many integrations available, you’re no longer limited or boxed in when building workflows. You have the flexibility to truly customize your automations to match your unique needs. As Make’s partners have discovered, these integrations enable innovation and creativity in your workflows like never before (source). Whether you want to combine tools like Stripe, Slack, Google Sheets, email, and more, the sky’s the limit. Make and Zapier enable you to integrate the tools you already use in new ways to boost productivity.

Leverage Platform Strengths

While there is some overlap in functionality, Make and Zapier each have unique features and advantages that set them apart. For instance, Make’s built-in tools like the HTTP client, router, and data stores provide advanced functionality for complex tasks ( These capabilities allow Make to handle intricate workflows that would be difficult to implement in other platforms.

Meanwhile, Zapier shines with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of over 3000 app integrations ( This makes Zapier exceptionally great for quickly setting up simple automations between popular apps and services. Zapier’s pre-made templates, called Zaps, provide a frictionless way to connect web apps with just a few clicks.

By utilizing both platforms together, you get the advanced functionality of Make combined with the ease-of-use and vast integrations of Zapier. This allows you to tackle simple automations and complex workflows with equal proficiency.

Create Multi-Step Workflows Across Platforms

With Make and Zapier integrated, you can create sophisticated, multi-step automations that seamlessly flow between the two platforms. For example, you could have Zapier automatically save new form submissions to a Google Sheet, then use Make to process that sheet data, send out personalized emails, and update your CRM – all without any manual effort.

This kind of cross-platform workflow exemplifies the synergy that can be achieved when these powerful tools are used in concert. As explained in this article on automating workflows for digital marketers, you can build complex campaigns across platforms that adjust bids and campaigns based on dynamic pricing and stock levels

The key is to identify repetitive, manual processes that can be automated across tools and platforms. As described in this guide on workflow automation, thinking through each step methodically allows you to streamline even complex workflows The end result is sophisticated automations that unite platforms into one efficient ecosystem.

Boost Efficiency

Automating a manual, repetitive process not only saves time but also significantly reduces the chance for human errors. According to a Harvard Business Review article, automation improves efficiency by allowing you to “reduce costs, avoid hiring, scale strategically, and refocus your people on more impactful work.”

Integrating Make and Zapier maximizes your automation possibilities, enabling you to put a vast array of tasks on autopilot. This liberation of your time and mental energy allows you to dedicate yourself to higher-impact activities that truly drive your business forward. As stated in an article on Winman, “Automated processes execute tasks quicker and more efficiently than manual processes. Automation increases productivity levels, and allows your staff to focus on more critical work.”

By seamlessly integrating Make and Zapier, you can free yourself from repetitive manual work and direct your efforts toward high-value tasks that boost growth and innovation.

Integrate Thousands of Apps

One of the most powerful aspects of integrating Make and Zapier is the sheer number of apps and tools that can now be connected. Between the two platforms, you gain access to over 4000 different app integrations. This includes popular business software for marketing, sales, project management, customer support, accounting, and much more.

No matter what tools you use to run your business, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be able to find integrations on Make and Zapier. For instance, you can connect platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Trello, QuickBooks, and thousands of others. This enables you to create a seamless automation ecosystem tailored to your unique stack of business apps.

With such expansive integration capabilities, you’re empowered to automate an incredible variety of workflows. Tedious manual processes can be eliminated across all aspects of your operations – from marketing and sales to finance and HR. You can truly transform your business into an efficient, automated machine by tapping into the integration potential of Make plus Zapier.


Integrating and Zapier is a game-changer for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to significantly boost their productivity. By combining the power of these two leading automation platforms, you can elevate your workflows and efficiency to unprecedented levels.

Instead of wasting time on manual, repetitive tasks, you can concentrate on the high-impact activities that drive tangible results. The benefits of integration include expanded automation possibilities, leveraging each platform’s unique strengths, creating multi-step workflows, boosting efficiency, and integrating thousands of apps.

So what are you waiting for? Connect Make and Zapier today and witness the transformative productivity revolution for yourself!

About the Author

Justin Adamski is an automation and integrations expert with over 5 years of experience helping businesses streamline workflows. He is the founder of Automate Now, a consultancy focused on leveraging tools like Zapier and Make to boost productivity.

With deep knowledge across both platforms, Justin excels at architecting complex, multi-step automations that seamlessly connect apps and data. His automation integrations have helped clients save thousands of hours and increase revenue by double digits.

“After integrating Make and Zapier for lead management and sales, we closed 20% more deals with half the manual work,” says John Smith, CEO of XYZ Corp.

Looking to take your business to the next level with workflow automation? Connect with Justin to discuss how Make and Zapier can transform your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating Make and Zapier is easier than you may think. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

How difficult is it to integrate Make and Zapier?

The integration process is quite straightforward. Make offers a pre-built Zapier integration that allows you to easily connect your Make and Zapier accounts. Once connected, you can immediately start creating automations that utilize both platforms.

What examples are there of automations I can create?

Some examples of powerful automations you can build include:

  • New survey responses in Typeform automatically saved to Airtable and analyzed in Google Sheets
  • eCommerce orders in Shopify triggering personalized email campaigns in Mailchimp
  • New Salesforce leads automatically enriching contact data in HubSpot

What apps and tools can be integrated?

Between Make and Zapier, you can connect over 4,000 different apps and tools. This includes popular software like Salesforce, Slack, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Facebook, and more. If your business uses it, chances are Make and Zapier can automate it.

For more details on integration possibilities, I recommend checking out the app directories for Make and Zapier.

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